Monday, February 9, 2009

How should Iraq antiques be protected from war?

Iraq antiques are one of the oldest antique in the world. But, because of Iraq war thousands of items are stolen by looter and destroyed by weapons. It is sad to lose it because antiques are symbol of the civilization. It explains a history of the country. Therefore, people should keep those items as it is in order to save their histories. Then, what can we do to help then keep their antiques? First of all, we need to discuss about the issue in the United Nation as a world big problem. To do so, people in Iraq may realize the importance of their antiques. I think people in Iraq are paying too much attention to their territory or religion now. They should start thinking about their great histories and appreciate those. Secondly, we should move antique to safety place such as US embassy, US military base, or high security museum until the war end. In that way we can avoid stealing from looters. Finally, we can make a bounty system. If somebody fined an antiques or black market, government pays bounty for the people who found antique or black market. By making the system, we can reduce a great number of black market and also, an antique that had been stolen come back to appropriate place. It might cost a lot, but antique should be treasured and kept safe from damage. I hope we can start doing something and save as much items as possible.

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