Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blog #3 Wednesday Feb. 18

My theory of why Egyptians seem so preoccupied with continuity and permanence has to deal with their strong beliefs of the afterlife and their devotion to their King.
The film: Building the Great Pyramid demonstrated the hard work and team work of every person because to them building the pyramid meant they were going to be taken care of by providing a shelter and food. The Kings were Gods to Egyptians everything was done right for them and when Egyptians worked for them it meant they were also going to be rewarded by joining them in the afterlife and be treated as royalty as well. All the work was done for the kings and themselves. They built the great pyramid because the pyramid represented for them something they could not only admire, but also remember it forever a symbol of all their hard team work. I don’t think Egyptians fear death, in fact I believe the reason they built tombs was to remember their Kings and placed treasures for the next life. Egyptians painted on the walls of the tombs stories of what they thought to be the afterlife. I also believe they thought about death as something positive because in they built coffins to preserved their bodies and the funereal practices were done for reincarnation process to begin. They didn’t fear death, to them death was part of life and not permanent but a break until rebirth took place. In conclusion, that's my theory of Egyptians were preoccupied with continuity and permanence.

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