Friday, January 30, 2009

Is Art Intentional or Representational?

i don't believe that art has to be representational or intentional. Everyone has their own definition of art. I believe we are all artist. Maybe not your typical hand in brush artist. but as individuals. Carpenters could be considered artist, the way they manipulate wood to form a chair or build a cabinet. The composition of music is art, even the way we dress is a form of art. I believe art is anything that can be created or holds any aesthetic value. Maybe nothing needs to be created to be considered art, nature in itself is art, and i don't believe that was ever intended or represented. What was it that inspired thousands of artist to paint a sunset? Art is everywhere even in the things we take for granted. We have traced art back to the beginnings of man. And we have found that art has had multiple purposes and interpretations, whatever that inspired man to create art they must have thought something beautiful in its appearance. So in conclusion and in response to the question of whether art needs to be representational or intentional, i say neither.

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Steve Wright said...

I like you discussion of carpentry. This and other cratfs are an art form that can be easliy overlooked and taken for granted.