Friday, January 30, 2009

Art Is it Intentional & Representational?

Everyone has their own perspective of Art; mine is art doesn't have to be intentional or representational but it could also be both or none. My perspective of the meaning of Art can be define by the elements of Art. Art can be anything you wanted to be and it could be found anywhere in the world. Art can be found in sculputures,photography,paintings and performing arts. The most known art today is found in adverstiments such as magazine ads,newspaper ads and anything in the entertaiment because the purpose of this art is to sell products to the consumer. Most people agree that art is visual but art can be found in music. The rhythm of music and the lyrics of songs is art to musicians and for those who hear their music. The reason art can be neither intentional or representational is Art can be unplanned; it doesn't have to be done in a process. I think of art as a self-express outlet . Art is about your perspective for what it matters art can be random colorful wavy lines and dots on canvas done by someone who didn't know what he/she was doing it can be art if you considered it to be art. Art doesn't have to be created intentional or represent anything to be called art.

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