Monday, December 8, 2008


Post modernism art is so much different than all other art before it.  The artists of this movement really began understanding the true meaning of what art is.  Art can't be defined by rules and techniques, or even mediums.  The artists who are postmodern have taken this to a new level of creativity.  I enjoy postmodernism because the artists all view art in very different ways and make it interesting for the viewer to interpret.  I also like how the artists of this era think outside the box and make ordinary objects into art by combining it with their other artistic abilities.
The postmodernism architecture is also pleasing to the eye.  This architecture is so unique yet simple.  These two things combined creates very interesting buildings, also very functional and beautiful.  Sometimes, however, these modern artists can be somewhat too extreme, and when this happens I don't know for sure if I could call their work "art."

There is no telling what the next period in art history could be.  In the present time we always believe that we have reached new standards and explored new possibilities.  Whatever happens next, I'm sure, will be something to look forward to and embrace in the future.  I also think that art history will forever be changing and being added onto, it will not come to an end.  Hopefully it doesn't end up going into a never ending cycle like fashion does because that gets boring after awhile.

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