Friday, November 28, 2008

Postmodern Art and Architecture

I like postmodern art because it offers something for everyone. It provides a variety of distinctive form, topics, and layouts. I like the AT&T Building in New York City because of its complex geometric form, design, and shadowed contour using flair from the past.

I dislike the architecture of postmodernism because it ties to identify with past eras and join them with modern styles. An example of this is Piazza d’Italia. I do not care for the look of this building, because they mixed too many different concepts into one which included anything from Baroque, Mannerism, Modernism, and Renaissance. Also, I do not like the Portland Building. I do not like the look of the two facades with the hoods above them. The painted wedge-shape above the facades looks out of place to me.

I think the future of art history will continue to adapt historical as well as modern forms. I think the next big thing is there will be a software that is capable of making things look more realistic than what Adobe Illustrator CS3 is capable of doing. Things may even become even more three dimensional that what we can even imagine. Perhaps with virtual glasses or virtual touch and feel such as with the Wii. Maybe artists could even incorporate an experience for the viewer by incorporating things such as bubbles for touch, odors for smells, and chairs that move for feel such as Disney’s three dimensional movies. There are no boundaries with the available media of today.

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