Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Political Propaganda Design Today

Provide an example of political propaganda from the world of graphic design today, and discuss what elements make it propaganda.

Propaganda is to influence the opinions or behaviors of large numbers of people. An example of political propaganda from the world of graphic design today would be any of the past presidential posters or images used to influence the American presidential votes. One specific image used as propaganda would be the one I have shown here.

This political design uses a few different techniques. These techniques are as follows: it uses the worms eye view to make Obama appear idolized, also the colors used (red, white, and blue) were to create the implication that he is patriotic and that he is the “progress” the American people need.

I would personally say it makes him look like he is full of himself, but then again I did not vote in his favor. And because I am a designer and I recognize these techniques I can say he had a good designer on staff. Propaganda is the ability to influence opinions or votes in this case.

But everyone has to do his or her own homework on political matters. They need not be convinced by a propagandist image or design. Victor teaches to do your own research before deciding your opinion. This design is to influence voters in to thinking Obama is progress for the United States.

And I guess it worked because here we are with Obama as our next president. So, one should never under estimate the power of propaganda.

Misty J Slavens

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