Sunday, November 30, 2008

a long movie in black and white

It seems that I have forgotten over the break to do another blog entry but somehow I managed to remember to do this extra credit one over the movie Metropolis. And I've decided not to book report this blog in any way and to solely write about my opinion on certain things. Like for example; some of the special effects in this movie such as lightening bolts and other things that today would be done computer graphically I believe were scratched out on the film itself. I figure this because I know that in early black and white cartoons the same method was used to apply color and light like effects. I think that that method is pretty cool and I wonder if those same procedures are used today to produce effects and as my sister would say 'to the Internet' to find out but I'm rushed and will have to do that research on my own later. Even though these methods are a little low tech I think they work well. And for the over all theme of the movie; I wonder if the person who wrote 1984 and if the person who wrote Fahrenheit 451 were at all inspired by this movie. There has been many stories in the modern era that have had that ultimate stick it to the man, the world will become a machine, we will be ruled by our technology sort of theme in them but this may be one of the first that dared to put it into movie form. Ever since the industrial revolution and the starts of monopoly and big business, capitalism and the such there has been an underlining fear a long these lines. Will man let the machine control him, and loose touch with the true and honest foundations of the world and become so consumed with destroying what he has built that he drowns his kids in the process? Hopefully, we will always remember who produced the machine and who controls it. Whether that machine be government or it be the technological make-up of the modern city. This movie is apparently really popular and a lot of my teachers have seen it. So, now I know what they know. Somewhat, a little bit of it anyway and I have a long way to go and some more black and white movies to watch and books to read before I know more.

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