Saturday, November 22, 2008

Josef Albers: Crystal Bridges at the Massey

Josef Albers: Crystal Bridges at the Massey
Josef Albers: Formulation: Articulation
October 25 – December 7, 2008

First off I cannot wait for the Crystal Bridges permanent location to open. It is going to be amazing. Albers is known as “…one of the 20th century’s most influential and articulate artist/theorists, continues to impact the field of color and color study.” Albers was a teacher as well as an artist. His color theories that were shown at the Massey were really wonderful. To some they may look like blocks of color and then a person looks closer and sees that they are much more in depth than just squares of color.

There were also some on display of his wonderful designs of lines places in such a way that a person sees the image and color in more than one way. The lines and color are strategically places to were the viewers mind tries to figure it out and sees more than one conclusion or it changes half way threw looking at it. This is because of the line placement and how the colors chosen react to one another.

There were some that felt like you were being pulled in. And then there were some that felt like you were being pushed away. There is a book called “Interaction of Color” which shows the experimental way of Albers color studies and it teaches the reader about color in order to form your own color studies. It is a confusing book but worth reading and figuring out. I have only figured out some of what the book teaches. Anyone who takes the “Color Studies” class will have to read this book eventually. Good luck with that.

This book talks of shades, tones, and in what ways they can be used. And each exercise or lesson is explained and illustrated “…not to give a specific answer, but to suggest a way of study” or a way of thinking. You can also learn more about Josef Albers and his life at: Josef & Anni Albers

Happy Learning :o)

Misty J Slavens

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