Monday, November 17, 2008

Government Funding for the Arts?

What are your thoughts about government funding for the arts?

Personally my thoughts about government funding for the arts are that it is unnecessary. I would not want the government to have the majority of the say on what is to be considered art. That would just be history repeating its self.

It is we the people who should make these decisions about art. The people are more qualified to make these distinctions of art because we are more diverse minded than I believe the government to be. The government elect are more left brain individuals. And artists are more right brain individuals. This is why we the people are more qualified to make these distinctions or decisions of art.

Face it a person is not going to see a whole lot of designers and or painters in a government office. Now I guess if the government wanted to donate to the arts that would be fine. Just so long as they do not try and control it. For fear of the government starting another degenerate art movement like Hitler did in his day in time. Even though we do have a much better government system than Hitler chose to demonstrate. Maybe our new president will be a right and left-brain individual.

I also feel that we the people appreciate the arts more when we the people have created or donated to the establishments containing our arts. Donations and some city funding is where I would think to draw the line. Those are my thoughts on government funding for the arts.

Misty J Slavens

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