Friday, November 21, 2008

Artist Role in the Modern Era!

During the Renaissance the main focus of the master artist was perfection. The masters strove to be very intelligent, and well rounded in every subject from science, math, mythology, and psychology those interest definitely showed in the artwork. The advancements in technology, studies, books, and arts have come a long way since the Renaissance. The industrial revolution really changed way artist saw the world and that change was reflected into their artwork. When photography became common artist had to think outside of the box, because they had to learn how to express the things that the camera could not express. Those two major advancements really had a universal affect on culture, life, and art. Artist started cropping, distorting, and altering images to represents inner thoughts and emotions instead of just “what you see is what you get.” The modern artist were really into discovering was to bring the inner, out and onto the canvas. The artists were not occupied with having to have correct perspective or be focused on technique and in fact the artist strived for the opposite. I think that this role will always persist because as long as we have the resources to look at other works of art than there will always be a desire to do something different. Artist need to be unique and have something in their work that sets them apart from others. Artists now days have more competition than ever because of the computer and the ever evolving technology. In this world there is a definite love and hate relationship between the artist and the ever changing technology.

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