Monday, October 6, 2008

Photography! Blessing or Injustice?

According to, “Fine art photography refers to photographs that are created to fulfill the creative vision of the artist.” Which is the same basis for any medium of fine art, the artist uses tools and there imagination to express something that is their own. Photography and other mediums of fine art have a love hate type of relationship. An artist may enjoy the possibilities that photographs have brought to them for example: being able to take their own time with an object without worrying about if it is going to change, being able to make trace outlines, and use for inspiration. While other artist may see the negative sides that photography brings for example: the preciseness the photo can capture, the ongoing pressure to be better than the photographs, and ever growing photo shops that can transform any painting into anything the artist wants. Illustrators on the other hand may think this to be an advantage or a disadvantage. Pictures have taken the place of illustrations in many books and magazines. The Masters could only see or study what had been drawn by somebody else and it was up to the artist and their skills to capture objects. Now we can open up a history book and she photographs not paintings, we open a geography book and see many different photographs, ranging at all different view points. The point is we no longer have to rely on an artist to produce us an image so we know what things look like. I believe that graphic design benefits from the invention of photographs, they are very helpful when coming up with designs and being able to trace a picture instead of having to make it from scratch. It is a very time saving advantage and it doesn’t replace the work of a graphic designer but contributes in a way that makes the task simpler. I believe that photography has its own place in this world. Yes artist will always mix and match mediums and play and distort the rules of art but that is what we do. Art is Freedom! Photography is beautiful and captures the worst and the best that this world has to offer and it would be a shame to live life without it. This quote I believe captures the fascination with photography and why it is art, “Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.” –Andre Gide. Photography! Blessing or Injustice?

Just Ink It!

Danielle Parum

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