Monday, October 6, 2008

how photography shaped the face of the art world.

Photography was the needle in the back of all the artists at its advent. "How can these machines take away all we have accomplished since the beginning of paint pushing?" Its a scary thought, when all you know in the world is turned inside out. However, instead of giving up, instead of dropping the paint brush, the artists realized they could create images from a source that photography could never even touch! The imagination. Now artists, illustrators, and the graphic designers could completely jump outside of the box and reshape how the world looked at art. It was also a wonderful tool to use if you did not want to have to keep people sitting for a portrait. You just snap a picture, and then you are free to paint it at your leisure, to add to it, to subtract from it, to use only the idea of the photograph as a loose basis for the abstract image that will follow. Truly, photography was a way to stop the stagnant nature of how art was. It enabled the world to begin seeing things differently, realism was for the film, and the artists began to play.

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