Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Science, Humanism and artistic production during 15th century

We see how artist during the 15th century tried to evolve from a surrealistic style to a more detailed a realistic style, humanism. This is the study of physical and biological characteristics and to present them in on a painting; at this particular time artist focused more on show how light could produce that feeling of depth on a painting, the use of shadow on drawings was mesmerized. Also the study of Da Vinci helped artist to choose the right tone and color of the paintings to look more realistic also his study and drawing of the fetus helped people of that time understand how the human body acts. Another great contribution to this period was the movable type created by Johannes Gutenberg, this let poor people to have access to books and to know more about the human body in addition the index of uneducated people decreased in a good percentage; another good point is that because of the printing press the protestant reformation began, now people could have a bible at home and read it and no longer being influenced by just what the priest said at church. Nowadays we see how that invention still is revolutioning our lives, because from that idea we now have books and our access to knowledge is even better because of this. The production of framed works was also encouraged on this period families that had a lot of money commissioned painters to do paintings for them. In conclusion we can say that humanism and printing press were a new way of communication at that time and its consequences are still alive in our days.

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