Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Primavera by Botticelli is a painting full of beauty and mistery, some people say that at the tim it was painted this particular piece was years ahead on the techniques the painter used. It was vey shocking for the people at that time becuase of its content, we found venus at the center of the painting and to her left side we found flora , the goddess of the primevera, this particular part where flora and this other god is created a sense of unhappines because many people interpret that as an act of rape and such things like that were not good to the eyes of the church. but it in this paint the scene made sense because this particular kind of paintings were usually a wedding gift and were on private houses. we can infer that this rape scene was part of the marriage at that time because all the marriages were arranged in this period and no love was present at the time of the wedding. It is awesome to look at it and se the great detal that the artist used on every piece he painted, also the great variety of flowers he drawed, maybe thats why the painted had that name of primavera. at the right of venus in teh painting we found a group of 3 girls and a guy to their side, many people said that guy was botticielli but younger. it is incredible the detail on the clothes of these three girls and the guy. all and all we can say that this painting is awesome but at the same time misterious because we would never know exactly all the meanings of evry piece.

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