Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Science, Humanism, and Art - 15th Century Italy

The three aspects of Science, Humanism and Artistic production in 15th century Italy are exactly that, 15th century Italy. In my eyes they share a relationship of tremendous give and take. Science, opened up worlds to artists that were mere dreams before. Science is the fuel behind lenses, the human body, paint itself, and all that entails making a work of art look 'real'. I believe that science, above all, developed art to the fullest in this period. The mathematics, anatomy, botany, and geometry found in the artwork among these times helped develop a style that many people still praise today. Humanism, spurred the developments in science necessary for production of good artwork. It made the artists hungry for supremacy, wanting to get their message across just as much as the next artist. It pushed artists to study and broaden their artistic talent. Ideas and philosophies awakened in 15th century Italy by Humanism gave the artists the courage to push traditional values and standards. Art production, what it's all about. Without the art, there isn't a reason for anything else. The artists who studied the figures and mathematics were motivated by art. Their visions, ideas, and purpose for the things they did were all revolving around the desire to be a better artist. If the art production was halted, would the entire movement as a culture be halted? I think so, you say 'Renaissance' and immediately people think art, but in that is a vast sea of Science and Humanism.

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