Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Perhaps one of the greatest paintings of all time, Botticelli's Primavera. An elegant spring season setting a calm peaceful tone for the nine individuals within the painting. Right dead center in the middle is Venus the goddess of love, above her Cupid with his arrow drawn as he points towards the love struck Mercury messenger of the gods standing to the left of the three graces. Now to the right side of the painting we see a totally different darker story, Zephyr god of wind kidnapping the nymph Chloris, and rapping her. Lastly, stands Flora the goddess of spring who happens to be Chloris new and bloomed as she is scattering flowers with a very distinct smirky smile. As if she knows something that we don't, this gives the whole painting kind of an eire feeling. This painting has also been interpreted as a political image. This painting is housed in Uffizi Gallery of Florence where its beauty will be admired for years to come, and many more questions of what exactly does Flora know that we don't and never will find out.

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