Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Relationship between Science, Humanism and Artistic Production!!!

The relationship between science and humanism in the 15 century Italy was great. For the science in italy there were two artists that were engineers. They were both amazing and inspiring, yes there were more engineers at this time, but im only going to mention two. Fisrt is Filippo Brunelleschi, he achieved the greatest architectual treat of his time by building a dome on the Florence cathedral. Without using scaffolding. Second is Leonardo Da Vinci, he sketched inventions that would not appear for another four to five hundred years. Some of the sketches him made were designs of bicycles, flying machines, military tanks, diving suit, and suspension bridge. With science at this period of time does appear in our time now. For example Da Vinci’s flying machine at the time didn’t have the technology to get off the ground. So we used some of his design methods to created our hang guliders today. Humanism in Italy grew to influence the people in 15th century , it developed a problem that concered every major field of intellectual and srtistic activity. In addition the invention of printing process. For the art at this time they believed they were living in a new era. Not only did it bring more naturalistic styles, but also increased pathronage from the private indivuals. The artists also learned to depict the visual world in a new manner. Also classical as well as bibical heros and heroines were portrayed as exapmeles of virtue and moral fortitude.

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