Thursday, September 25, 2008

Printing Press, Humanism, Renaissance, Reformation.

The 15th century proved to be a turning point in Europe and Itally especially. It was a time when there were great minds turned to powerful people. The thinkers of the time had tremendous power and pull in their communites and country alike. It was a time when a pronounced artist could have their hand in not only the art community but also the political and social community. Some of these powerful minds managed to work themselves up to a point where it sometimes seemed like they were above the law.
The printing press furthered the spread of this movement. It allowed mass production and distribution of the ideals of the time. These powerful people often had the idea for a change in the government or other organizations, most noted religion.
It became noticed how the Church was taking advantage of the state by using techniques to become extremely wealthy by means of acts that these humanistic people thought were against gods original intent. The church began to be interupted by the state with upset people that disagreed with the church. This movement was most notable with the progress of Martin Luther who fought for a change in the church, bringing him to his own death. He simply did not agree with the fact that the church was making money off the fact that they were selling false documents for a guarantee that people would stay out of purgatory.

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