Thursday, September 18, 2008

Masters, or lossers

Over the past 100s of year paintings have been admired. “Only true masters of the brush could create such a master peace” has been what many people have said. Is this true though? Recently a man by the name David Hockney found out the truth. He discovered that it seemed one day every famous artiest in the world became ten times better than they were before. Knowing this to be impossible he discovered that although mostly everyone was right handed at the time all the pictures were left handed. This mean the picture has to be a reflection. It turns out all those “masters” of the art did nothing but master the art of TRACING. Over the past 100s of years these artiest have passed off their kiddy drawings to be masterpieces. I can tell you all that I have lost respect for these “great artist” and I don’t think I will ever get it back.
While I do have to say it may take some effort to trace that well, as I probably could not it doesn’t take near the time, talent, and skill it does to draw by eye as it does to draw by tracing. I don’t think I would be nearly as upset with the artiest if they had come out and said a long time ago what they were doing. Kind of like on the level of modern photography. In photography you just point a click; a good camera can make any picture look amazing. I like photography because the people who partake in the art let us know they used a camera, If they came up and said “I drew this” then later I found out they didn’t, I would be just as upset.

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