Wednesday, September 24, 2008

15th Century Italy

In 15th-Century Italy expanding interests in humanism provided a foundation for the majority of art. Powerful individuals saw themselves as political and economic leaders, or in other words above the law. (ex. Medici) Art patronage was a priority for many, and by their commission they often got to decide the choice of subject and artist, as well as quantity and scale. This did not restrict the humanists to learn antique writings. With their emphasis on a higher education they acquired information about botany, geology, geography, and optics. This brought about the phenomenal master, with an expertise in many fields, many have learned to call him, "Renaissance man". Others know him as Leonardo da Vinci. Once da Vinci was discovered the world became a whole new realm of art. Art came to life in the 15th-century, the human figure became more realistic. The technique that really helped with that was the use of perspective to give it the 3D appearance. Today artists' express da Vinci's ideas in everyday life wether its from architecture to engineering he will always be a part of history and never forgotten. The artistic production throughout eternity has gotten better and better. Over the years it has been shown that there is no limit.

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