Monday, September 15, 2008

David Hockney's theories and my views

This is my first time hearing about David Hockney's theories. It was really surprising that the masters of the 1400s used lenses to get the perceptive in their paintings right. After watching the movie I felt that they weren't really cheaing, they just knew how to use the tools they had. They just used the lenses to get a genral idea of where to put which thing where and get a general outline, it's not like they traced the whole picture. But when it came to the painting part, they actually painted everything quite well. On my opinion it's the peoples criticism that drove them to make their portraits more lifelike and better or maybe to out do there rival. So they had to do what they gotta do to make their loving fans happy. But watching this film I think it greatly informed me. Now I can tell which master used lenses or nt. One thing that I was really amazed was how Hockney came to his discovery of all this. All of his trial and errors on how to replicate van Eyck's portrait and all his comparison of all the art work from the 1200s to the 1600s and noticed what he said "artists just suddenly gotten better at drawing". All in all I think the video was a good documentary on how thins were done back then. All of this makes me wonder how may artiest used lenses to help out with their art work. You can never tell unless you have enough evidence. One thing that makes me wonder too is Hockney telling the truth. Maybe the masters were really masters of art.

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