Sunday, January 27, 2008

the tendency for people to attempt to categorize things (graphic and/or fine art) that don't have clear categories.

(as a note in my writing i prefer not to use "proper" capitalization rules.  i find it more fluid and meaningful to capitalize based on Significance.  what can i say i am Influenced by e.e.cummings).   

Growing up i never cared much for the labels people put on me and other people.  i still don't.  i understand the need for people to assign things to categories and subsequently assign labels to said categories.  This gives context and helps us to understand life.  This doesn't work very well with some things.  Oft times subcategories' borders are too unclear.  Such is the way with graphic and fine art.  The problem is inflated as human technology becomes more advanced.  
Art is a subject of passion.  Those who create it tend to become emotionally involved in its creation.  They often sacrifice much to create their art.  Artists feel a sense of accomplishment as they succeed in doing whatever it was they set out to do.  Often others will respect their creation for its technical merit, creativity, or ability to capture its subject.  When they create they value their creation and there is inherently a certain pride that comes with this.  As these things happen they feel they have created  something of value, if only the expression of self.
The term Art carries with it emotion, expression, accomplishment, value, and Pride.  this pride causes some to want to distance or separate themselves from others.  One may think or say "what i did is Art, but that creation is not worthy of the same name".  Similarly  it may be the artist who says "mine is beyond that art and is a different art." i believe it is this that has caused much of the distinction between types of art and artists.
i feel that far too many give art the label "graphic art" as a way to distinguish it from their (either because they create it or they appreciate it)  art which they consider superior. this is  particularly the case with fine art.  fine has two meanings; one refers to the End or end intent , and the other to a measure of quality.  the term fine art as has been defined to me started with the meaning that the creation's purpose or End was for beauty and expression.  However, due to the duel meaning of the word and peoples ignorance to its intended meaning it has adopted the meaning of superiority.  The label "fine art" has also gained yet another meaning that associates it with specific media.
Graphic art as has been defined to me as that art which tends to spell it out so to speak.   It tends to be more plain and clear to understand.  However, this too has an adopted meaning.  Graphic art has become known as so called art for hire or art to make money as in advertising. Unfortunately it has also been given an association with certain media.  i can accept my art be that paint, video, photo, or photoshop to be given one of these labels based the original meaning of the terms.  i don't believe that the medium of a piece dictates the intent of the piece.  Furthermore i contend that if Da Vinci were here today he would  use a computer and a camera as well as any media to create his masterpieces.  
In parting i will say that we must be careful when we use and create terms for categorizing things like art be that graphic, fine, or any other. 

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Stephanie Lewis said...

"Art is a subject of passion. Those who create it tend to become emotionally involved in its creation. They often sacrifice much to create their art." This is an important distinction to draw. The career death knell is often sounded for graphic designers who get emotionally involved in their work.