Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fine Art vs Graphic Design

I believe that in most respects that fine art and graphic design are similar. Both fine art and graphic design are meant to bring out emotions or feelings in those that are viewing the work of art. They are a form of expression that the artist feels is most like them. Fine art and graphic design can be used to gain prestige or even sell an item or idea. One of the few differences I see between the two are the mediums used within the categories. Fine art for instance uses a wide range of mediums from paint, to pen and ink, to stone, to metal, to pencil, and more. Graphic design on the other hand typically is created using a multitude of programs on a computer. Other than these differences I feel that they are almost the same. Both convey feelings and without them we would have a dull and boring life. We would not be attracted to buy things, or see movies, or enjoy some of the things we enjoy. Whether its fine art or graphic design I feel that it is essential that we have them in our world today.

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