Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oscar Felan Introduction

Hello! My name is Oscar. I recently moved to Arkansas from San Antonio Tx. Currently, I am pursuing an AA in Graphic Design. NWACC seems, so far, to be a nice place to complete this degree. Many classes from my previous college were able to transfer, so I have a few more before my goal is met.
Since moving to Arkansas, I have developed a deeper interest in painting, drawing, interior design, and fashion. My goals include starting a personal shopping service, a high end second hand clothing store, and maybe even a restaurant. I frequent every thrift store in the surrounding areas digging and searching for lost treasure! I consider it a labor of love. Cooking is the next best thing on my list. I may not have much, and bills might go unpaid, but I never go hungry!
I am known to be a scatter brain. My interests change from day to day. My thirst for knowledge goes unquenched. I must learn a bit of everything. Art history is a wonderful subject for someone who can remember it! And art is a wonderful practice for those who can manage to sell their work! I can't seem to do either, but I still enjoy it very much. The idea of presenting your take on life in the form of drawings, sculpture, paintings,(or whatever) and the fact that it is one of a kind, is the most intriguing. The most frustrating part is having a good idea and not being able to implement it. I want to live a fulfilling life and know I did everything I could to better it. I want to be around things that I have created. Having a good grasp on design and its principles, as well as its history, allows me to do so.

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Stephanie Lewis said...

Welcome to the Art History Journal, Oscar!