Monday, January 28, 2008

My Feelings on Fine Art and Graphic Design?

Although I havent deeply studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design, I still feel like I can clearly express a difference amoung this two words sharing their own unique characteristics. Whenever I think of Fine Art, I think of words that describe Fine Art to me such as painting, sculpting, dancing, drawing and watercoloring. All of these words help to describe along with can help catagorize the different options individuals undergo when talking modeling to others about fine arts. Also, when I think of Fine Arts, I catch myself looking for the in depth beauty of whatever work I may be looking at. Whenever I think of the word Graphic Design, I immideatly start analyzing everything around me. I think of words, ideas, and different images being presented to differet audiences in order to get some point across. One big differenece I feel that there is between Fine Arts and Graphic Design is that Fine Arts involves he/she expressing their own unique style of drawing, watercoloring, and so on in order to achieve satisfaction amongst themselves while Graphic Desgin seems more as a form of advertisement or trying to get a point across to many different people just as some people would through a website. Although each individual is fully capable to express their own uniqueness, I feel that it is easier and more meaningful for me to express how i feel through a variety of fine arts rather then feeling like I have to impress a whole audience by making something worthwhile and appealing to others as some type of advertisement.

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