Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mistie Introduction

Hi Guys, Mistie here. I have been at NWACC for a year now-- working toward that degree in Graphic Design. Art, I can not really say I have a fave medium... it changes everyday. I want to take a whack at it all and I am sure it will hit me eventually. I took a few design courses in high school and decided then, this is what I want to do. Although I could never get enough art classes, I lacked the geek skills and have become somewhat of a self taught geek. I had an inner battle going on inside until I finally accepted that true art and the digital world could parallel. Aside from that I have two wonderful kiddos, a fiance, and a handful of tight friends that would hang my "crappiest" pieces of work on their walls. I haven't decided if I even want to stop to smell the petunias. 

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