Tuesday, January 15, 2008

From Sara Schader

Hey everyone...I'm Sara and I'm an alcoholic. Okay not really, but I bet I got your attention. I am a Graphic Design Major and as you can probably already tell sarcasm is my forte. I am new to this whole college thing and am learning that it's actually not that bad. I have been teaching preschool for the past 8 years, and am ready to move on to a new career. I enjoy sports and music and movies. I love to travel and hang out with my friends. About 5 months ago I endured the devastating loss of my hero and best friend, my grandmother. She is my inspiration for everything I do now. I have 3 younger sisters, so I pretty much get bossed around by chicks all day everyday. I suffer from classic oldest child syndrome, you know the whole what can I do for you today junk. I pretty much am on the go all the time. I love spending time with my buddies and getting into trouble is very easy for me. I've been known to B.S. my way through some crazy situations, but hey that's why life is so fun. I am really looking forward to getting on with school and getting out of this crazy state, Arkansas. I hopefully will be able to get a good job after I'm done with school in Canada, because hey that place rocks! Anyway, I guess that is me. sort of in a nut shell. I can get pretty crazy on occasion but I got to get to know you first!

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