Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kim Scantlin

Hello fellow Art History folks. I am taking this class because I need the Humanities credit to finish up my AAS degree here at NWACC. I am also applying to the Nursing program this spring. I loved reading about all of your colorful histories and interests, each his/her own person. I love artists! My favorite artist is the late Jim Henson. Yes I am a closet Muppets fan. Everything from Farscape to Sesame Street. What an incredible way to express oneself and teach young minds. I love to read autobiographies and murder mysteries. I quilt, scrapbook and love collages. My greatest accomplishments are my two daughters, ages 21 and 19. They both attend the UofA. I am probably the old lady of the class at the ripe old age of 45, though I neither look it or act it. Good skin and genes I guess! Looking forward to knowing and working with all of you!

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