Monday, January 21, 2008

Fine Art vs. Graphic Design

Well, I agree with Oscar to an extent. I believe that fine art and graphic design are interrelated. I think that the goal in the specific category of fine art is a different goal than that of the broader category of graphic design. Fine art is often a study of aesthetics, a particular medium, of nature, etc. and is often created for beauty or personal growth. Yet we mustn't forget about early art and it's purpose. Skipping ahead to the Renaissance, art was created for the purpose of educating people about religion, and was largely commissioned by the church. This purpose of disseminating information is also the main purpose of graphic design. So those masterpieces that we consider fine art are also largely graphic design. Most of us would define graphic design as Oscar did as using text and graphics in an appealing way to provide information. The earliest of art fit this description. For me the distinction between fine art and graphic design is quite blurred. Most of us would agree that posters, and logos, and the like are graphic designs, but this art has the same beginnings, the same roots, as what most people consider fine art. I think that through the evolution of art, we can now make some sort of distinction between the two, yet still the line is blurred. I suppose all visual art is graphic design, and fine art is a sub-category.

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