Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fine Art verses Graphic Art

Art has been around for thousands if not hundreds of thousand years. When the first caveman learned how to draw a tiger on the walls of their caves, an artist was born. Maybe not as safisicated by todays standards but an artist just the same. Over the centuries fine art has matured and grown as the human race has. Fine art has been used in may ways in that time.

The caveman and his art tells the story of early man. Without these drawing, the life and times of the early human race would be gone forever. Therefore one of the biggest uses is preserving history. Telling future generations what the different cultures were like at various points in time.

The same can be said for graphic artists as well. The early developement of langauges in ancient Eygypt and China as well as other ancient civilizations reflects the cultures and history of their time.

Art also sells. It sells an idea. For century fine artist have been commissioned by the wealthy to convey and idea and reserve themselves a place in history. When a nobleman paid an artist to do a self portrait, the artist sold his services and the artwork. The artist came up with an idea and delivered the finished product. The same can be said for the churchs of the time.

Graphic artist also sells ideas. Their ideas usuall involves a product that would enrich the lives of the masses. The early written langagues were designed to communicate ideas to the masses. The invention of the printing press and the publishing of books and artworks was designed to encourage the everyday person to read. Thus selling the concept of communication by the written word to the masses. When a modern graphic artist designs a poster for an airshow he or she is trying to sell that show to the public.

While there are a lot of simularities in fine artist and graphic artist in the presevation of history and the culture of the time it is how the idea behind the art that is different. The how the idea is developed and the direction the finished product is the differences between fine and graphic artist.

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