Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Art History 1

Does art need to be intentional or representational to be considered art?

Art is subjective. Art doesn’t need to be intentional, nor does it need to be representational. What one person sees as being art may or may not be considered art in another person's mind.

As far as intention goes, someone could argue that seeing a group of wildflowers in a meadow is art. The arrangement and the ambience of the flowers are visually pleasing. Was this intentional? Another way to think of it: if an artist accidentally spills paint on a canvas and someone sees it and enjoys the random splatter of the paint, the artist has created art. Though not intentional, the "painting" is seen as art in the viewer's mind.

As far as representation goes, abstract art doesn't always necessarily represent anything. It doesn't always have a deep, profound meaning behind it. Sometimes, it is fun to just mix colors on a canvas and see where it goes. It doesn't have to represent anything, not even the mood that the artist is feeling at the time.

What is your personal definition of art?

Art is an expression. Art is something that moves the viewer/listener/audience. Art is something that evokes some sort of emotion in somebody. What is art to some may or may not be considered art in another’s eyes. For example, a drawing my 2 year old neice does might not be considered art to most people, but to me, it definately is. When I see it, I have a special feeling, because it makes me think of her.

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