Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Theocracy: Connection of Church and State

Theocracy is a form of government in which the rule of that state is considered to be the same as that of gods rule. Also thought to be a government in which the rule is considered to be of a higher sense. In other words there is no separation of church and state. In a sense they are one in the same. The believes that are held to be true in the church are likewise held to be true in society. The rules that are passed down by a theocracy’s church are strictly abided by and reinforced in that theocracy’s government.
The advantage of this form of government would mainly be with the people who believe in the god they are fallowing. As a christen I can say I would like to see more connection between church and state but if this was done it would be forcing my religion onto the people who do not believe as I do. So in a sense a theocracy denies the people of their freedoms, unless of course they all believe the same religion which would never happen.
If the government fallowed a theocracy that was believed to be true by the majority of that civilization then it could be very successful. The reason for this is not only would the people want to fallow the commandments of their religion but they would know that if they did not obey these commandments not only would they have to answer to their god but also to their state. It would also be a failsafe to make the people obey. Fortunately for me much or my god’s rules or commandments are laws fallowed by my state. Not that these are related but both consider much of them to be bad.
Some big disadvantages would be abuse of power. If you are giving a leader authority of not only state but religious believes he might take advantage of this. In the long run he could end up making laws for personal gain that have nothing to do with the religion they were originally based on. You would not be able to question this man on his order because to question him would be like to question god himself.
So the long and the short of this is when putting the power in the right hands a theocracy can be good, so long as you believe in the god that it is based on. However it is bad if you do not believe in the god and the leader is corrupt in his way and only in it for personal gain rather than to uphold the rules of their god.

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