Thursday, April 29, 2010

Romanesque Art and Architectures

The Romanesque is known for its magnificent art. The Romanesque era is considered to be a historic phenomenon for its art. Although it was an art it was also a very functional art form for its time. It was a time of pilgrimages. Pilgrimages reflected the significant increase in churches and religious buildings. Pilgrimages provided a lot of the funding for the architecture during this period as well.

The book describes Romanesque architecture and its cultural style very well by comparing it to the languages of Europe. It states that the architecture of Europe during the Romanesque period like European languages varies with the region you are in but still consists from a common core. The architecture reflects this variation. In form some of Europeans buildings from the Romanesque period have a very strong accent of their region.

In that time, as I said, pilgrimages were a very common thing to do and the churches. Churches made much money of these pilgrimages so the cathedrals and church adapted to best fit the needs of the people.

An example of the content of Romanesque art and architecture is the baptistery found in Florence’s buildings. The baptistery can explain a lot about the the tuscan culture at the time. Florence’s baptistery faces the city’s great cathedral. It was an important religious and civic structure.

Stone Carvings is another example of the impact that art made on the Romanesque art. The revival of stone carving provided much imagination to patrons of the Romanesque and artists.

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