Monday, April 12, 2010

Modern iconoclasm

Modern iconoclasm to me is basically the fact that other people still have the right to chose what people can say or do. Take for instance the fact that we no longer get to see the coffins of the soldiers who died over seas on the news. WHY NOT? I mean what is the government afraid that if the general public knows how many people have died then people might protest more. Gimmi a brake that is just like saying that people are not allowed to have realigns pictures in their home because the church is afraid that they might start to worship the image instead. (Yes I relies that war and religion are two different things but this is still the 21st century.) I mean hell it’s done all the time, I do not care where you live there has always been and probably always will be certain groups of people that only wants certain pieces of information to reach the general public. People say that in this country we have freedom of speech. Well to an extent we do, just as long as we do not do anything to upset the states qoe. And of cores after 9-11 everyone has to be really careful about what they say regarding politics, because if they say the wrong thing in front of the wrong person then they get flagged as a terrorist and basically their life is over. So is iconoclasm something we deal with all the time, YES. Is it something that will ever go away, probably not.

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