Sunday, April 11, 2010


Throughout history you can see the deliberate destruction of religious icons through the form of Iconoclasm. The Egyptians performed these horrid acts of culture destructions after Akhenaton along with the Muslims and Roman also performing iconoclasms in their own time. These acts of violence towards religious icons are usually a frequent component of major domestic political or religious changes. Iconoclasm is usually caused by one religion or culture over ruling another religion or culture one in one area or sectarian disputes between factions of the same religion.
A Iconoclasm that hangs heavy in my mind is the one were the Roman Empire’s polytheist state religion images were destroyed during the reign of Constantine and his sons and the rise of Christianity. Christian’s caused great disturbances while attempting to destroy the ancient pagan temples and any icons that were God or Deity related in hopes in destroying paganism and polytheist all together. Rebellion rose amongst the Christians as they started desecrating Pagan tombs and monuments
A law was soon passed forbidding anyone near the temples and anyone who broke these laws would be fined. The temples were placed in the care of the Pagan Priests, but were soon off limits to everyone because private cults tried to infiltrate the temples. After Constans was killed and his brother sot revenged he no longer attempted to stop the Christians from destroying pagan ancient temples.

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