Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some BODY to love

Upon looking at different eras of art you can usually see characteristics that makes that art stand out as part of a certain culture. For example when someone sees Egyptian art they are able to identify certain characteristics of it and they can usually tell you what civilization started it. Without even having to study this civilization they are able to pin point what it is about it that makes it stand out.
As for Greek art they love the human being. More particularly the naked male figure. You can identify their art by the way they portray the body. You will see figures of men that look like gladiators. Perfectly chiseled muscle anatomies and perfect stances. They would even compete in athletic events naked. There is no doubt that these people loved the human form.
Fast forward to today. Although we no longer compete in the nude nor do you see naked men everywhere you turn we still have an obsession with the human figure. Men and women are idolized in the media for their attractive figures. There are hundreds of magazines out there for women and men that focus on how to prefect your figure.
It also demands respect from the public when someone is more attractive than another. Someone who looks like they are in good physical shape is much more likely to gain respect than someone who is overweight. It is almost like having an in shape body is a display of your inner commitment to better yourself. So Like the Greek we too idolize the human form. We are just not as open about it as they were.

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