Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Perfect Body

If you look at many of the statues for early Grease, you will see many nude, well defines bodies. The Greeks were obsessed with this look. One statue one even said to have the perfect form that all Greek men’s bodies should have. Even in this day and age we still think like the Greeks towards the way a body should look. For instance, think of how popular the gyms are. People want to have that well defined look. We just like the Greek are obsessed with good looking bodies. We even have compactions for men and women to show off their bodies. The people of Grease did not have a gym like we do; they relied on hard labor to archive their good looks. They worked in heavy lifting jobs and also out in the sun all day. Now I know some jobs today require a lot of heavy lifting and working in the sun all day but I mean really hard labor. The people of Grease built temples using heavy boulders, rope, and strength. They got a work out much like the people of today do when they go to the gym. In a way Hollywood would not be Hollywood if the Greeks had not had such a thing for great bodies. If you look at Hollywood, do you see “fat” actors and actresses? No, you see well toned ones. Even some of the older actors and actress are so wrapped up in looking good they go under the knife to have that perfect body look. So in a way the Greek thinking on the perfect body is still alive with us today.

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