Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Greek Way Of Life

What Greek beliefs about the human being and the human body are continued to this day?
The outlooks the Greeks had on humans and their bodies are very unique. The believed men where wondrous creatures and very much enjoyed admiring one another bodies. The Greeks created our great Olympics so that not only could they admire others muscle structure but watch it work of course in order to do this they had to play the games naked. Fortunatily however, they no longer play these games in the nude.
When it comes to their beautiful statues they all seem to be perfect, it’s almost as if they are flawless. This style is due to the fact that they loved the male figure so much that they had no problem sculpting the naked man. But nearly refused to have an unclothed woman. Now-a-days of course it’s quite the opposite. Still however the stigma remains someone has to have the perfect body and currently that weight is placed more so on women than men.
In their art the gods the sculpted again where perfect we still hold this belief to this day. Our gods are all powerful beings who can accomplish anything they wish. The Greeks conveyed this through the images of their gods’ body. They look and seem to act strong there for they must be strong.
The outlooks the Greeks had was amazing and many of their beliefs are still around today we just don’t take a lot of notice to them until we are forced to see them

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