Thursday, March 4, 2010

Greek Journal Assignment

Different cultures view the human body in many different ways and most of these ways have changed over the years for the women. Each decade seems to have a new image of what the “perfect” body should compose of. The Greeks were all about perfection and sexuality. In certain eras women who were a little “plump” would be considered healthy and wealthy, since only the rich could afford meat and large meals. In later eras, fashion magazines try to tell you what they consider “perfect” and how to achieve this perfection by starving yourself till you are a size zero and showing you pictures of models that look like walking skeletons. Barbie was designed with the perfect female in mind and according to her dimensions if she was a real person would stand seven feet tall. Greeks were obsessed with trying to portray the perfect athletic man with his sculptured abs and lean muscles. This imagine still continues on for men of today that are portrayed in men’s magazines wearing only underwear and posing in ways that are suppose to entice you into buying the items they are selling. Over the years the men’s image has not changed, men have always been seen as a sex symbol and sex sells. Women have crossed over into the spot light from time to time trying to sell items with their sleek figures. But all in all, it is the men who have stayed the same since the Greek days of running around naked or half naked proving that sex sells.

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