Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Greek Beliefs Today

Greeks were all about “humans”. The perfect human body was essential in their culture as it is ours. The Greeks had a canon or standard of beauty as do we to this day. Their standard versus ours have minimal differences. The Greeks idea of the human body being beautiful still carries on to this day. They were the first to sculpt humans in more of a sensual and realistic way. The Greeks also based their civilizations on humans by creating the democracy, the people (demos) rule, just like Western civilizations. The Greeks also portray their gods in human form just like we do today with the gods of our religions. When creating human form the Greeks used mathematical proportions. Today we may not use mathematical proportions but we do make sure our proportions are correct as did the Greeks. And just like the Greeks we put the human above all other species. Also the Greeks idea of the men having all the rights and the women having none still exists in some countries today and it wasn't very long ago that it was that way in America. All in all the Greeks and modern day have the same ideas of the human and the human body. The idea of perfection of the human form and the fact that humans are above and beyond the ultimate species.

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