Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What is art? Should it be intentional and representational?

Art is all around us; everywhere we look there is art even though some people might not recognize it as art. In my opinion, art can practically be anything. There is not a certain or specific definition of what art might be. We can discuss the elements and principles of a piece of artwork but there can’t be a contradiction to say something is not art because we all perceive it in a different way. Through my eyes everything around me at this moment is art: the picture frames, the pictures themselves, the design of my laptop, the design on a purse, the picture on the art textbook, the way pictures on the wall are arranged, the earrings, bracelets, decoration all over, and I could go on and on. Not even material things could be considered as art, for example dances, the way someone would dance a ballet or a typical dance. The way the body flows is art through my eyes. Music is definitely art to me. Even dreams can be a different form of art.

With all that been said, I can go on to say if art should be intentional or representational in order to even be considered as art. In my opinion something doesn’t have to be intentional to be considered art. As I mentioned, dreams, dance, and music don’t have to be intentional for it to come out without wanting it to. Maybe even the art that was not bound to be intentional might be the most interesting and important forms of our art today. For the representational part of art, I believe that it doesn’t necessarily have to represent anything but probably most forms of art have great and deep meanings to it, and that’s what makes art so amazing.

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