Sunday, February 21, 2010

There are several theories as to why Egyptians were so preoccupied with continuity and permanence. I believe that keeping something the same for a long period of time will in a sense be marked or seen as yours. The Egyptians had a certain type of style when it came to their art works and writing techniques. This style because it was continued throughout thousands of years is what symbolizes Egyptians. I think that Egyptians knew that continuation and permanence throughout so many years was important to be done in order to be remembered. Although there was at one point where they decided to change their style, eventually it just returned to what they had started off with and continued it for thousands of years. In my opinion i believe that the Egyptians stuck to their style because they wanted to be remembered, and not changing it for several years it is obvious that they were successful. Egyptian art and writing because of its unique style is very recognizable now. The Egyptians way of creating their artwork and preoccupation with continuity and permanence is a way of marking/symbolizing who they are in this world. Three thousand years of consistency when it came to their style of works has allowed those around the world to easily recognize their unique and rare style of art and writing. Staying permanent to Egyptians i believe was important to them because they wanted to leave their mark in history.

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