Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Theft and Destruction of Ancient Antiquities

After watching the movie of Iraq, I was stunned by what was happening with all the antiquities of old civilizations. I had no idea that so many important artifacts and ruins were destroyed and unprotected, especially those of the first civilizations ever. These pieces of antiquities are very important not just to art history but to our history as well. All those cities that are buried in sand should brought out and made a tourist place for people to experience these art works as well as they do in Greece with The Parthenon or in Egypt with The Pyramids. But of course, this all turns around to be what it is because of a war. It is ironic to me that exactly in the lands where the first civilizations began, it got destroyed by, to me, uncivilized battles.
Obviously nowadays, people don’t think about going to museums and seen all these antiquities in Iraq because they think of it as dangerous maybe. It is as if we have put a bad reputation to Iraq, so we ignore all this destruction. But by now, in a way everyone has drifted to as why we are in war in the first place. I am at least glad to know that some of the stolen artifacts are been traced and found by the soldiers. All those museums should be protected by someone, it doesn’t matter who it is but they should be thought of as very important. And like I said before, all those cities under the sand should be brought to life and made a tourist place just like so many in the world. This would give the Iraqi people something more to be proud of and appreciated for.

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