Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stolen Past of Iraq

What a misfortune that a large part of the past was stolen and destroyed during the Iraq war. They were a huge aspect of who the Iraqi people were, who we all were. They were the foundation of civilization for all people. Throughout the time of the Iraqi war what is to be expected during a time of so much hurt and destruction? What should the priorities have been during that time of death and pain? I do think it is awful that a large was of our history was stolen from us or destroyed. Considering I wonder how much really could have been done for that part of our ancient past. People were so desperate during that time I think a lot of things could have been gotten away with. The priority was not on the past so much as it was on the present destruction and pain all around them.

I think that a lot can be learned from that war. A place where there was so much destruction. I don’t think that the protection of the antiques should have been anyone’s priority at time, but I do think that if possible moving them away to a safer part of the country or another country might have kept them from being destroy or stolen. We can learn how to better protect the ancient Iraq artifacts as well as other parts of our history in different places. We can learn how to better guard and protect those ancient parts of our history. Putting more protection around those places that we hold with much historical value.

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