Monday, January 25, 2010


Hey, name is Tina

I'm married. My husband's name is Curtis. We have a little girl named Isabelle. She is quite a character! We have two dogs named Pete and Rosie, a pop-belly pig named Piggie, a catfish named petunia, and a turtle named philberta.

We are very outdoorsy. My daughter has already been boating, hiking, camping, and caving. We also four-wheel, fish, bike, and much more. I like to run and work out.

I'm getting my degree in graphic design. I originally was going for Architecture but I took Art Design 1 and I fell in love. It ended up being my favorite class so I decided to change my major. I have not had any experience with Art History but I find it very interesting so far and I'm very anxious to learn from this class.

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