Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Postmodern Art & Architecture

Postmodern art and architecture has a very appealing intrigue and about it. The architecture forces one to stop and gaze at it's complexity. The artists and architects thought of building that had never been created or even though of. They went above and beyond normal boundaries. They thought about what makes one feel relaxed, nervous, ect. and incorporated that into their buildings through their new found ideas and techniques. Postmodern art is also very unique and intriguing. At the time of the switch form modern to postmodern, artists decided that art cannot and does not have rules or certain techniques. They created their own mediums and techniques. They also used their art as political and personal meaning.

I find the postmodern art and architecture very fascinating. The buildings are so incredible and different that I find them very interesting. I think they show the architects immense thought and talent. The art too is very intriguing. I love that the artists gave their art such meaning, and used their own creative techniques and mediums.

An the other hand, sometimes the meaning of the art is too subtle, and/or too crazy. The art may just look like big splatters with straw and nails in it; the meaning is too hidden and it just looks like a mess. I also do not like the technological side of postmodern art. I don't find it so fascinating when a building or piece of art was generated through the computer instead of through the artist's mind and hands alone. Some architecture is also a little too flashy and not organic enough looking. It looks as though it was just put their with little thought, only to disturb the landscape and force one to notice it.

I think that the next big thing already seems to be happening. Artists are advertising the "green" campaign through creating art out of organic materials and with a economic message. Artists also are trying to show how beautiful and breath-taking simply nature is, and that it needs to be taken care of.

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