Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Henry Darger Film Response

In the Henry Darger film nobody really knew him. Many people pronounced his name many different ways and they people did not know for sure if he had a mental problem or if he was just crazy. When he was younger he was sent to a orphanage and a home for kids. He would go to communion everyday and he went to repentance many times too. He also would not sleep in a bed or anything like that, Darger would sleep in his chair. To me Henry Darger was a good artist. It was amazing how many pages that he wrote for his books and all the artworks that he made without no one ever seeing them. I liked how the film showed his artworks coming to life from the stories that he had wrote. Using the Vivian girls was a good concept. Mainly because he was able to express himself more and seek some kind of therapy that he needed. I would have to say the only thing that was strange about his painting were how he had the wrong genitalia on all the girls that he drew. I did like how he would take a picture and copy it, using many different methods, and he would us them over and over again, but with different surroundings. Darger did a very good job of doing this. Even if he had something mentally wrong or something along those lines, his art made such a difference when people finally got to see it. One of his neighbors got to see some of his pieces and they asked him why they would never show it, and Darger said it is to late now. It was like he was afraid to shoe some of his work. His pieces were very fascinating and creative, but it was also different. When looking at outsider art you can tell that people might not appreciate it very much, but when it comes down to it, outsider art just needs to be accepted like everything else.

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