Monday, November 16, 2009

Artists Roles in Modern Era

From the "master" role to the new role of artists in the modern era there has been many different changes that have been made. During this time the new artists changed the way color was used and the perceptions of their pieces. Artists had a lot of looser brush strokes and they were used because the artist's didn't mind as much to make everything perfect when they were painting. Artists liked to use many different colors and some artists created harsh colors and brush strokes, so they could express their own feelings about situations. They didn't really show a lot of brush strokes or have amazing detail, just as long as they got their message out in their piece. If you look at the modern era artworks compared to artworks during the Enlightenment era you can see a big difference of the use of styles. During the Enlightenment the artwork had amazing detail and everything looked really perfect, but in the modern era you can see how looser the paintings get. Also during the modern era most of the paintings you see during this time seem like they are in the beginning stages of graphic design. With all the technology artists have a better way to seeing the world as we know to see it. There are many pieces of art being made everyday by many people and many of those people are using a computer or a camera to create a piece of art. Technology has a major role in many art pieces.

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