Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Art Stars

As the Catholic church demand for more image production and church buildings increased due to reforms that were established among the people, artists were able to evolve their talent and take it farther by promoting the Catholic church more propaganda in addition to the spread of the new reforms that dealt with religion, government, and culture.

As of this, artists like Michelangelo and Da Vinci were viewed as great patrons of the art for their devotion to works that were placed under the Catholic Church. They were able to convert the artist as a model of inspiration among the world and also as a new career that gave both fame and money. This also benefited the Catholic church; it received more fame and support from the people, which at that time most were starting to doubt their rule and were embracing the new reformations of the protestant religion and other beliefs that disrupted the Church power. Therefore, the only way that the Catholic church could respond to these new reformations and changes was to create more extravagant churches with aesthetic images taken from the bible and place them within the churches.

The combination for this desire along with the great talent of the "art stars" introduced the new visage of art that is seen today. However, even though most of these art stars were working for the church and following the classical art movement other artists were beginning to make their own fame by going against this ideal classical style that was considered the only style to portray aesthetic images. Artist, Caravaggio, was an artist who departed from the great patrons of classical art and instead introduced a new style filled with naturalism and drama. This new style created new art pieces that focused more on the essence of light and on tenebrism, a new way to portray an image which was more concentrated in light and natural motifs; this was done by darkening most of the surrounding of the scene.

The way that art changed during this era has greatly influenced the art of today. Most artists look up to these great masters and also to new great artists that are found today around the world. We can see that the art created today is greatly influenced by new and old styles that have been able to create unique images. Art competition has also been taken more further today for almost every artist wants to labeled as a "master" of the art.

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